About us

Ioamogesu.com is a daily information portal created in June 2016.
Contacts: [email protected]

Our history

It all started almost by chance. We realized that the net was full of wrong messages, violence, bad things and untrue news. Too many people seemed lost and unable to follow the right path and had turned away from Jesus.

Our dream

We decided to try to bring those who had lost their way back to faith and we set out in search of the lost sheep. As in the parable of the prodigal son, we have opened our arms to those who have retraced their steps and opened their hearts to God.

Our trip

We started, full of enthusiasm, with our page, I love Jesus. We created it to be a frame for our faith, in line with our values ​​and we shaped it to help us pursue our goals. Soon after, ioamogesu.com was born, the site that wants to bring Jesus back into everyone's heart.

Our team

We are a group of believing and practicing Christians and we hope to be able to show everyone, with our words, the beauty of faith. We talk about religion at 360 °, we are tolerant and open to comparison and we dream of a world where peace reigns and where love is the beating heart.

Please join us

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