Mirjana of Medjugorje: kneel, pray, fast and you will get. Our Lady says ...

“Each of us visionaries has received a specific mission. With the communication of the tenth secret, the daily apparitions stopped. But I "officially" receive the visit of the Gospa on March 18. It is my birthday, but not for this she has chosen it as the date to introduce herself to me. The reason for this choice will be understood later (I often joke remembering that Our Lady never greeted me that day!). Furthermore, Our Lady appears to me on the 2nd of each month, the day in which I carry out my mission with her: pray for those who do not believe. The bad things that happen in the world are the consequence of this unbelief. Praying for them therefore means praying for our future.

The Blessed Virgin has repeatedly affirmed that whoever enters into communion with her can "change" non-believers (even if Our Lady never uses this name, but: "those who have not yet met the love of God"). We can accomplish this not only with prayer, but also with the example: She wants us to "speak" with our life in such a way that others see God in us.

Our Lady often appears sad to me, grieved precisely because of these children who have not yet met the Father's love. She is truly our mother, and as such she would like all children to find happiness in life. We just have to pray for these intentions. But first we must feel the love for our brothers far from faith, avoiding any criticism and appreciation. In this way we will also pray for us and we will wipe away the tears that Mary sheds for these distant children.

“When Ivanka told me that the Gospa was on Podbrdo I didn't even look because I thought it was absolutely impossible. I answered only with a joke: "Yes, Our Lady has nothing better to do than to come to me and to you!". Then I went down the hill, but then something told me to go back to Ivanka, which I found in the same place as before. "Look, please!" Ivanka invited me. When I turned around I saw a woman dressed in gray with a baby in her arms. " I can't define what I felt: happiness, joy or fear. I didn't know if I was alive or dead, or simply terrified. A bit of all this. All I could do was watch. It was then that Ivan joined us, followed by Vicka. When I returned home I immediately told my grandmother to have seen the Madonna, but of course the reply was skeptical: "take the crown and pray the rosaries and leave the Madonna in heaven where her place is!". I could not sleep that night, I could only calm down by taking the rosary in my hand and praying the mysteries.

The following day I felt I had to go to the same place again and I found the others there. It was the 25th. When we saw the Virgin we approached her for the first time. This was how our daily apparitions began. " The joy of each meeting.

“We had no doubt: that lady was really the Virgin Mary… Because when you see the Madonna you see paradise! Not only do you see it, but you feel it inside your heart. Feel that your mother is with you.

It was like living in another world; I didn't even care if the others believed it or not. I lived only waiting for the moment when I would see her. Why would I have to lie? On the other hand, at that time it was not at all pleasant to be a seer! During all these years the Madonna has always remained the same, but the beauty that she radiates cannot be described. A few seconds before his arrival I feel a feeling of love and beauty in me, so intense as to make my heart burst. However, I never felt better than the others just because I saw the Madonna. For her there are no privileged children, we are all the same. It's what he taught me. She just used me to get her messages across. I never asked her for me directly, even when I wanted something in life; in fact, I knew he would answer me like everyone else: kneel, pray, fast and you will get it ”.