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Girl raped: her father condemns her "My daughter was drunk"

Girl raped by the pack: the father "My daughter was drunk”This happened in Campobello in the Trapani area. An 18-year-old girl, raped by the pack, apparently was drunk at the time of the rape. There are 4 boys who were arrested yesterday, on charges of sexual violence against the 18-year-old. But what strikes us stranger was the father's reaction to the journalists. "My daughter was drunk, those are good guys ".

Girl raped: the father "My daughter was drunk": the dynamics of the facts

Girl raped: dad "My daughter was drunk": the dynamics of the facts. A true story of violence took place in this town of warm Sicily. Where 4 boys raped their friend-acquaintance last February. The boys are all between 20 and 25 years old. not only! in turn they raped and abused the girl, but also filmed and photographed the work of art. Something that is not new in our beautiful country, that is, there have been other similar violence between peers in the past.

In All this there is something that just doesn't go the right way: we understand what it is. Apparently the father of the Trapani girl did not believe the daughter in toto. So he raced at the carabiniere station, arguing with certainty that his daughter at the time of the complaint did not tell the whole truth. It pointed out that the daughter at the time of the rape was drunk, so she does not polish to tell the truth of the facts. He also adds that he knows the guys very well, thus defining them as good guys almost capable of all this.

Raped girl: reconstruction

Girl raped: the reconstruction. It seems that in the pack there is also a fifth boy still on the loose. But what happened that night? And where did it happen? The girl is invited to an apartment not far from her home, to spend a simple evening with friends. The 18-year-old accepted the invitation and was told there were other girls she knew well. So the evening would be quiet, those as their father calls them were really good guys.

The facts

The girl withdrew to the first floor of that apartment with one of the boys present, whom she knew and frequented from time to time. Suddenly, others appear two boys of the pack who lash out at the 18-year-old by raping her, while the other three are at the door, laughing, while the young woman begs them to stop: "I I was asking for help, I was trying to free myselfi the dramatic story of the girl feared my arms, I banged my head against the wall. C.I asked for help, but no one helped me ”.

Finally they took her home to her parents, she told everything to her brother who accompanied her to the police. But the carabinieri also went to the 4 good guys, who defended themselves by claiming that the girl lied and they could prove everything. Because at the party there were other people ready to testify. Finally they added: "The girl was throwing up all over the place ”and“ the evening was quiet with no problems of any kind ”and indeed, it was the girl“ who kicked and punched ”.

We pray for the violence suffered

Please, Sir, for women all over the world, girls, teenagers, young people, adults and the elderly. You are holy, Lord, and you work marvelous things: we pray that the physical and moral violence against the bodies, minds and souls of women cease. There are many and too many women who suffer mistreatment, trafficking, abuse, offense and humiliation every day.

Mina Del Nunzio

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